Friday, August 3, 2012

Perfecting the Microwave Applesauce Cake

I actually made this earlier in the week, but only just now got around to blogging about it. With the larger and healthier version of the mug cake seeming to be a legitimate working recipe, I have been after bigger sights. A cake that's ready quickly (although it always, always, always takes me more than 5 minutes) and only serves a small crew would be perfect for those little celebrations that can pop up unexpectedly.

I used this recipe mostly, except for adding two tablespoons of coffee. That equals the amount of liquid in the regular mug-sized version. I also started it out for 90 seconds, adding time in 20 second intervals until it was done. (it ended up being 2 minutes 30 seconds, a full minute less than the original). I also used another one of my new toys – a 1-quart souffle dish – instead of the mixing bowl.

I had a couple of icing cups leftover from Hungry Howie's Cinna-MMM bread, so I figured I'd go for it and glaze the cake as well:

The result? A tender, moist and rich chocolate cake. The only problem with applesauce is that the cake does go stale quicker than cakes baked with fat. So what? You can consume the whole unglazed cake for less than 650 calories. Even I can't eat the whole cake.

Two thumbs go way up for this one. What's next for the microwave cake? Well, my latest round of toys all has to do with cake decorating...

I can't wait to see how far this goes.

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