Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fresh Take Meatballs

I'm not just a baker. I'm a full service at-home cook. I even made sourdough pancakes last week (I didn't blog about it as pancakes are somewhat involved, especially when your spatula breaks in the middle of it). And even though I have a divine hatred of ground beef, I do enjoy making meatballs.

It's not something I do often, but I was in no mood for regular spaghetti and meat sauce last night. On top of the fact I don't care for ground beef, spaghetti is not a pasta that goes well with meat sauce. You want a light sauce with spaghetti, whereas meat sauce is better with shells that will catch the meat. So I convinced my mother to have a clean-out-the-fridge-and-pantry day by offering to make said meatballs.

We've done the Fresh Take stuff with chicken before. It's a nice alternative to my mother's favorite baked chicken topped with onion fries (I don't particularly care for onions either, although onion did make its way into last night's dinner as well). But there's other cool recipes if you open the package (we did the Rosemary & Roasted Garlic), and (yes I am fully capable of following the recipe) I made something different for dinner last night.

Serve 'em up, add some pasta with cream of onion soup, and some assorted veggies and it was a meal.

I'm not going to rate this one myself. As I said, I hate ground beef. So I didn't care for them much. On the other hand, they worked, and the guinea pigs liked them.

I'm just not going to partake in the leftovers.

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