Friday, June 15, 2012

The Lazy but Indulgent Indoor S'more

Summer is in full swing, and in most parts of the country, that means it's time for two seasonal pastimes: swimming and grilling. But the rules are different in Florida, where we can swim and grill for most of the year. (Actually, as an assistant scuba diving instructor, I pretty much swim year round)

My family's grill actually hasn't been touched in years. Part of that is no one wants to deal with the trouble of cleaning it. For the most part, I don't mind that, because I am not big on most pork or beef products and don't particularly like the aftertaste of smoke. Call me weird.

There is one grill food I do enjoy, and that's s'mores. I love chocolate. I love marshmallows almost as much. One year for the Fourth of July party, we made them with peanut butter cups instead of a regular chocolate bar. Those were heavenly.

But save for my morning Pop Tarts (occasionally – cookie dough is by far my favorite flavor), I haven't had anything s'mores since the last cookout we had at my sister's. And it's that time of year, and I come across all kinds of s'more ideas. That made me want one even more.

Fortunately, I made sure to hide a couple of the sugar cookies I made earlier in the week. A little bit of that Philadelphia Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese and some marshmallow fluff left over from some whoopie pies I made and I had a pretty good s'more:

Thing of beauty it isn't. I will refrain from talking about what I think it looks like. But looks don't matter when it's in your mouth. Yes, it's missing the “toasted” taste and feel, but it was still pretty darn good. I give this one two thumbs up.

Hopefully sometime this weekend, I'll finally get to those sourdough biscuits. Until then, eat well!

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