Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Ongoing Experiment

As much as I love sourdough baking, I have never had great luck keeping a starter going for more than a few months. Not being a professional baker, I don't use it as often – or as much of it at a time – as those bakeries that have had the same starter going for 100 years.

The thing is, with the taste of those biscuit muffins I made earlier in the week, I think I've got a really good starter going. It not only is nice and bubbly and smells perfectly sour, but created one of the most sourdough-tasting baked goods I've ever made.

Tomorrow or Monday (I'm waiting for my father to get back in town to hopefully help finish it), I'm planning on tackling another box of cake mix. I have another idea on making cups for my post-workout eggs, but those are going to have to wait until later in the week anyway.

So, while I'm tending to the sourdough starter, I figured it was time to try and freeze some of it.

Like I can't stress enough, sourdough starter is a living thing. It needs to be treated with TLC. As such, I've never really been too comfortable at the thought of freezing it. There's plenty of conflicting information on this throughout the internet (I wish this site would name some sources). However, I have absolutely nothing to lose by trying.

I took a freezer baggie, labeled it, and spooned about a cup of somewhat ripe sourdough starter into it. I fed the current starter as usual, and popped the baggie into the freezer:

Hopefully, it will be a while before I know whether or not this experiment works. I would like to keep my current starter going. But should I let it go too far, all I have to do is put my frozen starter in the container with some feed, and hopefully by the time it comes to room temperature, it will be nice and bubbly again.

And if not...I have to restart the starter...again.

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