Monday, June 18, 2012

Sourdough Biscuit Muffins

Since I've been dieting and working out, I've been pretty careful to include plenty of protein in my diet, especially right after my strength workout. I like quick microwave eggs with cheese and salsa, but I hate cleaning the bowl afterwards.

My brain finds some pretty weird sources of inspiration. Why not make a biscuit cup to nuke the eggs in, rather than having a bowl that needs to be hand washed?

It also doesn't hurt that, thanks to some of the weekly meal deals at our local grocery store, there are multiple boxes of baking mix in the pantry. With the sourdough starter well under way, it was time to try a new recipe.

The recipe is called “HoneymoonSourdough Biscuits” (I have not found the origin of why they are called that). I don't like to do more than one experiment on a recipe at a time (that way, you always know what went wrong), so I decided to simply press them into a muffin tin, rather than try and make biscuit cups just yet.

I did forget one thing about baking: Summer in Florida means lots and lots of humidity. I added probably a good 1/4 of flour just trying to handle the dough enough to knead it. What I thought would take maybe 20 minutes took the better part of an hour. I can't imagine actually trying to roll these out and cut them. They finally made it into the muffin pan:

I made quite a few mistakes with this recipe. Besides not accounting for the humidity, I also baked them for the prescribed 15 minutes, even though the recipe makes eight biscuits, not 12. So the tops came out a little burnt.

The truest test, though, was when I brought out the plate of biscuit muffins to the dinner table. Both parents as well as myself really did enjoy them, even if they were a little burnt. Dad even commented “You can actually taste sourdough in these. It's so hard to get around here.”

So what's the verdict? This one is a tough call. On one hand, I screwed up, and they aren't really going to be able to be pressed into muffin cups like I would like them to be. On the other, they were really good.

So I suppose it's one and a half thumbs up. Make again, but probably better as drop biscuits.

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